Class schedule

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17.45 yin/nidra – Angela

19.00 yin yoga – Angela

20.20 yoga/pilates – Angela


19.00 yoga/pilates – Angela

20.20 yin yoga – Angela


10.00 yoga/pilates – Angela

19.00 yin yoga – Femke


18.30 yoga nidra – Angela

19.30 yoga/pilates – Angela


10.00 yoga/pilates – Angela

11.30 yin yoga – Angela


10.30 yin yoga – Annabel


10.00 flowyoga – Angela

11.30 yin yoga – Angela

Almost all classes can also be followed via Livestream; check Eversports for an up-to-date schedule. Also in the video store find lessons on demand.

Questions: of 062487459.

flow yoga This is a dynamic form of yoga where yoga postures are interspersed with movements (vinyasas) making it a flowing whole. Breathing plays an important role here. Vinyasa Flow yoga improves your fitness, core stability, flexibility, and strength. Your mind becomes calmer and your focus increases.

pilates Lesson with mat exercises to strengthen the abdomen, buttocks, legs, back and arms. It increases flexibility and stability of the body. You will create long slender muscles that will improve your silhouette and posture.

yoga/pilates Flowyoga en Pilates wisselen elkaar af in deze les, het beste van beiden!

yin yoga Gentle yogaclass, poses are held longer so you can relax and come to s deep stretch.

yoga nidraMost calming class at Justflow yoga! You only have to lay down and listen tot the teachers voice. Yoga nidra is also known as “yogic sleep” and reducess stresslevels, relaxes and clears the mind.

coreflow yoga Flowyoga with extra focus on stenghtening abs and back.

Yoga@park Lovely yoga class @Euromastpark

More about lessons at Justflow yoga:

-small scale, maximum of 10 participants

-individual attention


-Relaxed athmosphere

Read the general terms and conditions before participating classes.